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( Affiliated  to  the  University  of  North  Bengal )
Accredited by NAAC at the 'B' Level
  A. Library
2.   Sri Nandalal Sarkar, B.A., B.Lib.   Library Clerk.
3.   Sri Madan Mohan Mohanta   Library Peon
  B. Office
1.   Sri Ajoy Kr. Karmakar, B.Sc., B.A.   Accountant & Officiating Head-Clerk
2.   Sri Pulak Kundu, B.A.   Cashier
3.   Sri Tapan Kr Roy, B.Com   Typist
4.   Sri Chanchal Roy   Clerk
5.   Sri Goutam Roy Choudhury   Durwan
6.   Sri Radhe Roy   Night Watchman
7.   Sri Narayan Barman   Office Peon
8.   Sri Jogen Ch. Sarkar   Sweeper
9.   Smt. Fulmani Mardi   Lady Attendant
10.   Sri Manoranjan Debsarma   Chemistry Lab Attendant
11.   Sri Pratap Banik, B.Sc., M.A.   Chemistry Lab Attendant
12.   Sri Partha Sarkar   Computer Science Lab Attendant                                   
13.   Sri Mintu Das   Physics Lab Attendant
14.   Sri Mehedi Hassan   Geography Lab Attendant
15.   Sri Suria Mardi   Physics Lab Attendant
16. Smt. Sumita Dey   Office Peon (Casual)
17.   Smt. Anuradha Basfore Sweeper (Casual)
18.   Smt. Rahena Begum   Office Peon (Casual)
19.   Sri Gadadhar Krishna Roy   Watchman (Casual)
20.   Sri Ganesh Ch. Saha   Night-guard (Casual)
  A. Hostel
1.   Sri Dipu Roy, B.A.,    Casual Staff
2.   Sri Muktesh Ch. Das    Casual Staff